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Super Set for Power

To increase POWER: try super sets. A super set is two EXERCISES put together into one SET. For example: Heavy weight squats: 3-5 reps Followed immediately (with no break) by: explosive plyometric box jumps: 15-20 reps. Do this about 5 times with 3 minutes between each set and see POWERFUL[...]

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Workout Tip

Working out 2 times a day 30 minutes each, burns more calories than 1 hour straight. This is due to EPOC. Exercise Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption. AKA- your body had to recover twice instead of once.

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BRACE YOURSELF – CHOOSE A PLAYLIST- START GPS- GO! 1 mile 50 sit ups 1 mile 50 push ups 1 mile 50 reverse crunches 1 mile 50 mountain climbers 1 mile 50 mason twists 1.2 miles STRETCH.

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Rest. Rebuild. Next Level.

For those of you hard core fitness freaks out there who are working out 2 and 3 times a day. Don’t forget that REST is an important part of your fitness routine. Rest allows muscle fibers to rebuild and joints to maintain health.  Your muscles need time to let the[...]

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Stop thinking about it & take action.

Fitness Culture! It’s a brand new year. 15 days in. What action have you taken this year to reach your dreams and goals? Too many of us live and die with too much potential and not enough testimonies. From the mouth of Vince Lombardi, “A man can be as great[...]

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