Rest. Rebuild. Next Level.

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Rest. Rebuild. Next Level.

For those of you hard core fitness freaks out there who are working out 2 and 3 times a day. Don’t forget that REST is an important part of your fitness routine. Rest allows muscle fibers to rebuild and joints to maintain health.  Your muscles need time to let the protein rebuild the muscle fibers that were broke down during training.

As you rest your body will REBUILD. After a day or two of rest you can go back to your routine with a recovered body and take your fitness to the NEXT LEVEL.

Resting is not for the weak in heart. It is for the smart in mind. Make it a part of your plan so you can reach your optimum level of fitness with longevity and no injury. Use this time to stretch, foam roll, ice and heat, take Epson salt baths and be restored.


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